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Welcome to Scriptie.nl. Scriptie.nl is specially designed for college and university students who are in the final stages of their studies and engaged with their Bachelor's or Master's thesis. On this website you will find all of the necessary materials that will assist you with the writing of your thesis. Moreover, you can earn a lot of money with your thesis by signing up here for one of the many thesis contests.

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Story Terrace (www.storyterrace.com/nl) is begin 2014 opgericht om er voor te zorgen dat persoonlijke verhalen niet langer verloren gaan. Klanten doorlopen een eenvoudig proces, waarbij zij: 1. een vr... read more >
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We have been working with a lot of fun with Business Talent Network: for our HEINEKEN Business Course they know to successfully reach the right candidates.

Thanks to the good cooperation with BTN and their proactive advice, we at PepsiCo look back on successful recruitment.

We experience Business Talent Network as a professional organization with a good name recognition and national range towards students. I would describe the cooperation over the past year as pleasant, professional and fast. BTN is involved and comes up with advice.

Business Talent Network stelt ons in staat om fantastische resultaten te boeken voor de Inhouse dag, het Pon Management Traineeship en de Business Course: Pon 24! Door de goede online kanalen van BTN en hun professionele support bereiken wij telkens weer de juiste doelgroep. Daarnaast helpen ze actief mee in het bouwen van ons Employer Brand.

Through Business Talent Network we can bring our company and our recruitment events  to the attention of talented students, we like to work together with them.

BTN is a pleasant partner to work with - very interested and thinks along. BTN is known to us as a reliable partner for the organization of recruitment events.

Why is Henkel working together with Business Talent Network? Because the online channels and ambassadors of Business Talent Network bring us into direct contact with our target audience. We work together since 2012 and continue to rely on the network that BTN can offer us. The transparent and open communication leads to a pleasant cooperation which certainly offers a lot of potential for the future!

We enjoy working with Business Talent Network. Via Business Talent Network we are able to achieve fantastic results, both in terms of number of applications and quality of candidates.

We are very pleased with our collaboration with Business Talent Network. There is a high degree of involvement from BTN at our company and our recruiting process. This means not only the selling of ads, but actually thinking along in achieving a common goal. This effective support, combined with their specialized knowledge of the own target group means that we enjoy much growth for years via BTN.

We experienced our collaboration with Business Talent Network as very pleasant. They know through the right channels to find the top talents and so we build together on our Employer Brand.